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Air Pollution Control


Since its inception, Thermax APC division has a product basket that included mechanical dust collectors. Today it enjoys a big installation count, that has crossed the 6000 mark. In a Cyclomax, dust laden gas enters the upper cylinder tangentially, and moves down  the conical section in a spiral path. The centrifugal force thus developed makes the dust particles move radially outward. They then strike the wall and drop out of the gas stream into the hopper.

Clean gas flows out through the exit tube. Designing the Cyclomax T-T is a state-of-the-art technique. Specific application parameters like the dust load, gas  velocity, dust characteristics, particle size distribution and the overall system decide the optimum cyclone geometry and the internals. Factors such as length of the outlet tube inside the cyclone, length of the cylindrical portion, inlet and outlet areas, deflectors, length of conical portion etc. play an important role in determining the performance of the cyclone.

Proper consideration of all these ensure a high collection efficiency, enhanced product (resource) recovery and very low emission levels, which is not possible in conventional cyclones. For boiler applications it is possible to achieve emissions as low as 300 – 350 mg/Nm for agro-waste (husk) firing, which makes the Cyclomax suitable as a final collector.

This equipment from the Thermax stable was instrumental in providing an economical  answer to the problem of handling fly-ash in husk fired fluidised bed boilers in the Punjab-Haryana belt, when norms of the above order were first introduced. Today, a multitude of users, spread across the country, bear testimony to the efficiency and success of this equipment.

Industrial boilers Manual fired/Travelling grate boilers
Solid fuel Wood, coal, lignite, etc.
Agro fuel Bagasse, rice husk
Metallurgical furnaces Induction furnace, etc.
Pneumatic conveying & product recovery High efficiency cyclones are used
Retrofits to improve efficiency of existing air pollution control equipment Spray shall be provide upstream of – ESP , Bag Filter , Scrubber, Cyclones, etc.


Wide application range Large industry spectrum can be catered to
Use of water sprays for agglomeration High efficiency of collection for even fine particulate matter
Fully evaporative type of water sprays Complete dry collection of dust; No need of water treatment/slurry treatment low capital investment
Re-circulation of flue gas Inlet velocities at cyclone maintained constant Particulate removal efficiency maintained constant during turn down conditions
High quality of manufacturing and strict quality control used Precision cast internals used for special applications wide selection of material of construction
Application driven design options available– with and without sprays Flexibility to select low or high efficiency cyclones as per the requirement in hand
Robust design Low maintenance & pressure loss

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