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A state of the art efficiency monitoring system which takes inputs from key field instruments and gives performance efficiency of combustion equipment.

Product Features

  • Standard package displays continuous monitoring of 15+ parameters in general accordance to BS 845
  • Improvement in efficiency due to better operation of boiler / heater, as continuous performance monitoring is done
  • PC communication through Ethernet using SCADA for online trending and historical data analysis that helps in better load management and preventive maintenance
  • Special tool in SCADA is the ‚ÄòMaster Analyst’ to analyze graphical trends online as well as historical
  • Alarms and alarm reporting
  • Fully up gradable input channels permit connection of additional field instruments


  • Potential savings in fuel because of the real-time O2 monitoring.
  • Regular monitoring of the system efficiency
  • The system can readily provide trending of the parameters of a unit.
  • This can act as an electronic logbook for recording and retrieving the information on operation of the unit


For accurate and reliable in-situ oxygen monitoring in boiler flue gas.

    Product Features
  • Proven and reliable zirconia based oxygen sensor with longer life
  • Can be used as a combustion efficiency monitor
  • Two 4- 20mA analogue outputs for retransmission
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Factory calibrated
  • Delivered as a complete package along with accessories and cable

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