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Revomax, is a versatile, fully automatic, instant steam generating range of boilers designed for safe and reliable operations. Easy to install and commission, these time-tested boilers require very little maintenance. It features a specially designed furnace and combustion system to burn difficult heavy oils and offers fuel flexibility between light and heavy oils to help respond to fluctuating fuel prices.


  • Efficiency of 88% on NCV
  • Reverse fFlame technology
  • Unique patented membrane design
  • Built-in heat recovery device
  • Membrane design allows large tube diameter for coil enabling better steam dryness, less frequent de-scaling, longer coil life and minimum downtime
  • Unique economiser – optimiser design ensures maximum heat recovery without possibility of feed water pump failure due to boiling/ vapour causing cavitations and pump failure
  • Unique circulation burner design prevents leakage and eliminates fire hazard
  • Ceramic wool refractory allows fast cooling of top plate and easy maintenance
  • Easy access to all parts requiring maintenance
  • Powder-coated, well lit control panel for better life in industrial environment and easy monitoring


  • Design pressure: From 10.54 to 15.00 Kg/cm¬≤ (g)
  • Capacity- up to 850 kg/hr, F & A 100 deg. C
  • Fuel- Light Oil, Heavy Oil & Gas
  • Fuel Flexibility – allows switching between light and heavy oil for both on-off and continuous loads
  • High combustion & thermal efficiency
  • Large tube diameter of coil – for better stream dryness, less descaling frequency, longer coil life, minimum downtime.
  • Unique Economiser – Optimiser design to ensure thermal deaeration & maximum heat
  • recovery, and to prevent feed water pump cavitation
  • Typical applications- textiles, chemicals pharma, food, packaging & other industries with small steam heating requirements

The Revomax series incorporate a host of features that make them the first choice in their capacity range.


  • Commercial complexes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industry
  • Institutes
  • IT parks
  • Laundry
  • Residential colonies

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