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Air Pollution Control


Thermax APC through a technical tie-up with Purafil, USA, brings sophisticated air purification systems to industrial and commercial establishments.

By using Thermax-Purafil dry-scrubbing media and air filtration systems, you can greatly improve production processes. By preventing expenditures for new systems and lost revenue due to repairs and other downtime-related expenses.

Complex and expensive computer systems that control industrial manufacturing processes are prone to premature failure in highly corrosive environments. Corrosive gases, urbanization and technological advances create adverse effects in commercial facilities. Highly polluted outside air as well as indoor sources greatly contribute to poor indoor air quality.

For any air quality problem, Thermax has the Purafil solution. Some of the most common air quality issues we have offered solutions to include:

  • Preventing corrosion of electronics at oil refineries, pulp mills and chemical plants.
  • Improving indoor air quality in schools, hospitals and office buildings.
  • Ensuring the safe preservation of artifacts in museums, libraries and archives.
  • Assessing, control and monitor airborne molecular contamination in clean rooms
  • Serving the air quality needs of the municipal water and wastewater industry.

Purafil maintains nearly 20,000 installations world-wide and has pioneered numerous air quality standards. We customize our systems to fit virtually any room design, and we offer comprehensive customer services to ensure superior air quality.

These customized gas-phase air filtration systems help commercial facilities operate more effectively and efficiently. By using dry-chemical media, these systems improve indoor air quality in a variety of applications by removing odors and other contaminants from outside intake air and return air.


  • Commercial complexes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industry
  • Institutes
  • IT parks
  • Laundry
  • Residential colonies

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