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Multipac – 3 pass, wet back , intergral furnace IBR boilers

Multipac is a three pass, smoke tube boiler, which can fire solid fuels like coal, lignite and wood. The fuel is charged through a charging door to keep the fire going. Multipack is designed to provide low cost heating with minimum operational complexity.


  • Low cost heating, trouble-free operations & long-lasting
  • Available with fixed gate furnace
  • Available in shell & tube types
  • Works on natural water circulation
  • Provided with ID fan for maintaining draught
  • Safety valve, steam stop valve, water level gauge glass & control switches mounted on the boiler
  • Multi-fuel option – coal/lignite/wood


  • Firing fuels: Coal, lignite & wood
  • Pressure (SVLOP): From 10.54 to 17.5 Kg/cm2 (g)
  • Capacity – 600 to 4000 kg/hr, F&A 100 deg.C (600 to 1000 kg/h in dry back models)
  • Fuel – Coal, Lignite, Wood and Briquette
  • Optimal efficiency through a combination of dry pack – wet back design and APH/ WPH
  • Unique 3-in-1 technology for complete combustion of fuel
  • Delivers 98% pure steam
  • Long life refractory material and automatic on-off control
  • Twin door access for faster and on-line cleaning
  • Typical applications- textiles, garments, chemicals, pharma, food etc.

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