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The primary sewage is first discharged into a collection tank after dirt    catching  traps.  As the water level in collection tank reaches the max. mark, automatically switches on pump which is simultaneously pumping the sewage  through the suction pipe-line along with the sludge mixture from settling  aeration  tank  of  the  bioreactor. Further on the sewage and sludge   mixture   is  discharged  to  bio-filter  for  processing.  The bio-filter  feed is having evenly placed recesses through a distribution assembly.  A  longer  contact  between  the  sewage  and the immobilized micro-flora  and  availability  of  the  active  sludge help to reach an 80-85%  purification  effect  in  the  biological filter.

An overall 98% purification  level may be reached with the help of the active sludge in the settling aeration tank. Oxygen is driven to the aeration tank due to the  air oxygen dissolution during the charge irrigation and as a result of the air involvement during the liquid discharge to the aeration tank. Oxygen  is  dissolved  in  the  water  due  to  percolation  through the bio-filter  and  suction  from  atmosphere  which is taking place at the bottom of bio-filter in the aeration tank.

Product Features:

  • No external aeration through blowers
  • No sludge removal from the system on daily basis
  • Sludge will be removed from the system once in 3 month ‚Äì Approx. 2 lits (For 10m3/day capacity)
  • High MCRT leading to in-situ mineralization
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple to operate
  • Low foot print area
  • Height of the unit is max. 3 meters


  • Commercial complexes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industry
  • Institutes
  • IT parks
  • Laundry
  • Residential colonies

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