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Air Pollution Control


Since inception, Thermax APC has been engaged in the design and manufacture of fabric filter systems with different configurations, to suit different applications.

The pursuit of our division has been quality in every product or system that bears the Thermax stamp. This pursuit isespecially important in fabric filter systems – where attention to application engineering, design detail and quality of fabrication can mean the difference between outstanding performance and mediocre, high maintenance service.

Complementing our dedication to quality, is the many years of operating field experience, spanning over 7000 installations, covering more than 30 different types of dust, for serving a variety of process applications like mills, kilns, furnaces, boilers, etc. or any de-dusting requirement.

The dustomat technology behind our products, is absorbed from two world leaders – Zurn and General Electric. All this makes us uniquely qualified to serve any fabric filter requirement.

Our product range today covers Pulse Jet Bag filters and Reverse Air Bag Houses, both structurally supported freestanding on-line and modular off-line type units, including insert-able type units.

Improved heavy duty cages of special steel, manufactured with highly controlled tolerances and high quality pre-treatment and painting to ensure rigidity long cage life, higher temperature resistance and firm bag support.

Bags with triple overlapped stitches and integral collars of optimum length, to ensure strong, leakproof bags and effective cleaning Clean side clamping and easy access for bag removal and operator comfort High quality solenoid and pulse valves for controlled air flow

Specially developed sequential controller with several control options, for reliable cleaning and flexibility to suit customer’s system requirements Adequately size rotary airlock valve for dust discharge ensures air-seal and free dust discharge from hopper

Typical applications-boilers, dryers, carbon black/ tyres fertisisers, cement, refractory/minerals, metallurgy (ferrous/ non-ferrous), food & beverages, chemicals/detergents, fly ash handling glass. Wood/plywood processing etc.


  • Commercial complexes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industry
  • Institutes
  • IT parks
  • Laundry
  • Residential colonies

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